One winters night Angelo and I came home from date night with friends to our 1 year old puppy, Layla. We were both so excited to see her and her warm happy welcome she always gives us. But we didn't get the greeting we were use to. She was being shy on the couch. I found 2 white feathers in the living room, one in the dining room, and 3 on the stairs. I look over at Layla and she books it upstairs to the bedroom. Angelo and I looked at each other like, "What the heck?!?" We followed her upstairs to find her on our bed on top of a pile feathers. Her face was so cute and SO guilty! She tore apart one of our down pillows resulting in feathers everywhere. We were not happy to pick up 5,000 feathers at 1AM but during that moment I had a creative vision, and this shoot is the exact vision I had.

Could not have done it without all of these incredible ladies!
DRESS: Everthine Bridal HAIR: Upstyle Beauty MAKEUP: Mae Farrel SET STYLING: Oh My Gemini
LOCATION: The Bananaland AMOUR SIGN: Karri Lee Designs  MODEL: Jess Kamzik