I had worked with Victoria previously on a few other non-wedding related shoots and I just was such a fan of her work and her style that I really would have been crushed if we had to settle for someone else. Not to mention she is so easy to work with, she has a great eye so she'll capture little details you may not have thought of and I really like her perspective so it's always amazing to get the finished product to see how they all came out. She is great at providing small, simple posing instructions, nothing extremely posed - just natural positions that work really well on camera. It's nice to have someone who understands that and you end up with photos that look very natural and "in the moment" not super contrived and posed.

I really could go on and on about them because our experience was just so great. They fit into our small group of friends and family so well in Mexico and made everyone feel comfortable

She is really great because she takes the time to get to know you both as a couple before the wedding, so she can portray your relationship really well and make sure she captures small, simple moments between the two of you. We chatted numerous times before the wedding about what we were looking for in our photos, and before we left for Mexico her and I met up for coffee and just went over the main types of shots we hoped to have. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that my husband and her fiancé could join us so they could meet beforehand, but we met Angelo in Mexico and as soon as we met him we loved him. They are such a great pair and both have such talent. Looking back on the pictures Angelo captured of the guys getting ready, no one could have captured it better. It was so nice to see that part of our day, since we got ready separately, and I really felt like I was a part of it. He captured the relationship between all the guys so well and he had just met them.and I think our pictures really show that. They are genuine and heartfelt and truly that was everything we wanted.

I know how stressful it can be to make sure you choose the right people to shoot your wedding because they are memories and keepsakes to cherish forever, but I really had no doubt in my mind about Victoria and Angelo shooting our wedding and after getting our photos back we couldn't have been happier. To me they are just such beautiful pieces of art I have a really hard time not looking at them all day every day! And aside from that, they are great people - I'm lucky after just meeting her last year to call her and Angelo our friends and I'm sure if you end up working with them you'll feel the same way - it's hard not to!


Where to even begin on the incomparable photography skills of Victoria and Angelo. My husband and I first met them when they did our engagement pictures two years ago. We clicked instantly. It was just natural and easy. They truly make you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. The best part is they don't direct you, they just let you enjoy and lead the moment. Those are the photos I love, where the moment has just progressed organically and Victoria and Angelo happen to be there to capture it. On our wedding day they arrived and it was like a breath of fresh air. They could not be sweeter or more talented. I truly cannot express how many people have complimented our wedding photos and also asked for their contact information so their sister, daughter, cousin, friend etc. can use them too! For me, the photography was the most important part of the day (as far as vendors go) because the photos are what we will look back on in 60 years as we recall our wedding day. Victoria and Angelo have given us a treasured gift in these photographs. You barely knew they were there because, again, they really capture the true moment not a forced or staged one. We look back on the photos even now and see the pure joy and love that was naturally expressed. I mean, honestly, I am almost at a loss for words and a bit emotional because of how incredibly talented these two are. On a planning note, I had a very tight timeline for family, bridal party and bride/groom photos between the ceremony and reception. Victoria and I created a shot list before the wedding and she made out a timeline so we would have enough time to capture all of the crucial shots. She was so on top of it I didn't even have to think twice or worry about anything on the wedding day. This is huge for a bride! I am filled with such joy and gratitude for the talent of these wonderful people. I will forever be grateful for what they captured on our wedding day and I KNOW you will be too.


Victoria and Angelo brought such a calm, fun, lovely, professional and positive vibe to our wedding day. The photos are heartfelt, playful and honest, and they so beautifully capture the essence of what our celebration was all about.