Image by Ashley Caroline 

Image by Ashley Caroline 

Hello! We’re Angelo & Victoria. We met when I was 17, him 19. Our first date was at the movies to see the first Hangover.... best movie to see on a first date we couldn't stop laughing! I kept the white dress I wore to the movies and smile every time I pass by it in our closet. We've been together for 10 years, own a cute bungalow in CT together and have a three year old pup who we treat like a baby, Layla. We are newlywed couple passionate about love & family. Capturing weddings is one of the most fun things we do together.

What Victoria has to say about Angelo

  • A rainy morning with jazz music and a cup of coffee is his perfect morning. 
  • He would pay me a million bucks to rub his back. 
  • Five Guys cheeseburgers are his jam 
  • He watches Ted Talks every night before bed. It's his lullaby.  
  • He's the happiest when he's in the kitchen cooking up a meal for the ones he loves. Egg sandwiches and meatballs are his specialty. 

What angelo has to say about Victoria

  • She's amazing with kids. I call her the baby whisperer. 
  • She can eat an entire pizza in one sitting (margarita is her favorite).
  • She loves flowers, and makes some awesome flower arrangements. 
  • She designs all the house interiors- she has such an eye for art and design.
  • She loves a long Sunday morning car ride to nowhere.


Our Love Story 

February 18th, 2015 Hollywood California- Angelo proposes

September 19th, 2015- Our engagement party

August 26th, 2017 Our wedding day


Our Little Family




March 2015 Angelo, Layla & Victoria