For 2018, our basic coverage starts at $4,500 for 7 hours of coverage. Please email us at hello@lamourfouwedding.com or simply click "contact" on the menu bar above and we will send you a full wedding guide with all of the details.

We capture a limited number (8) of weddings per year in New England. We are also willing to travel worldwide!



Amour fou simply translates to crazy love. Our goal is to capture the essence of this type of love on your special day. We use natural light combined with the power of the present moment to capture the truth of your love. We wont pose you or direct you (too much). We let your experience unfold naturally and capture that.

I think everyone in the world searches for crazy love. The type of love that sweeps you off your feet and carries you through the clouds. Its out of this world love. Love where nothing matters besides you and him and this moment right now.

That moment is quiet: its waking up early and listening to their soft breathing. Its tiptoeing to bed late at night. Its a gentle touch sweeping her hair behind her ear. Its the soft wind that blows as you walk together through the woods.

That moment is loud: It's your heart pounding against your ribs as you anticipate the first kiss. Its the throb in your head when you miss each other dearly. Its the passion and the yearning to see that person every minute every hour every day.

Its first dates, first kisses, and first experiences. Its learning everything you want to know about someone and everything you dont. Its extreme dedication and supreme sacrifice. It means that you're creating your own family, family that supports you and helps you become the best version of yourself.


  • Rooms & venues filled with natural light
  • Vintage wallpaper the kind you find in your grandmother's cottage
  • Slow dancing in the kitchen while dinner cooks
  • Overgrown gardens filled with roses and butterflies
  • The ocean with a soft breeze
  • Eskimo kisses
  • Families that love deeply and work hard for one another
  • Adventures, the kind where you get lost and don't worry about a thing
  • Love letters
  • And laughter