A few hours being 'stuck' in the same place with all of the people that means so much to us....it's a wonderful feeling. A feeling that can't really be described. You kind of feel like you're on top of a mountain and the winds are whispering wonderful things about you. Ha!! In the middle of the party Angelo made a gratitude speech and as I was standing next to him everything was so silent. I looked around and looked at every person in the crowd and knowing every single person at a personal level, everyone was there for us, to celebrate Angelo and I together the love we have for one another. As I'm typing this I feel like I am back at that moment because my desktop background is the group photo. I've never been happier in my entire life than I am today and it makes me really uncomfortable for me to say that or to admit it. I truly feel lucky, and I repeat in my head every night before bed, "My life is so literally the perfect life I've dreamt of, I'm scared something is going to happen to ruin it."