We go 2 weeks without grocery shopping sometimes and hunt for food in the pantry and fridge. Our bananas and salad greens rot way too quickly, or we just don't eat them fast enough. Our backyard looks like a jungle. I forget laundry in the washer to the point where it becomes moldy. We just installed our AC downstairs....last night...summer is almost over. Our toilets bowls get rings. We forget to take the garbage out on trash night at least twice a month.

We are not perfect. No one is. But we put all of those things aside and spend time with one another & family. We work non-stop so we can provide and save for our future family. We rarely go out on fancy dinner dates because we love to stay home with our dog.

Life can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with the latest and greatest things, but with us, love & family always comes first. I love doing life with this guy. And strangers think we're brother and sister. We say we are and then french kiss.