I've been keeping a secret for quite some time.....I am now offering boudoir session, also know as Bisou Sessions, with a kickass group of women. I've been shooting these special sessions for a couple of years now on the DL- this past January while I was shooting a boudoir session I experienced energy that I've never experienced before. We were in an old stamp factory with tall ceilings, exposed wood beams, white brick walls, wood floors, and huge windows that filled the space with natural light. We danced, we laughed, we were telling inappropriate jokes, we ate a nosh and drank a little too much champagne. I've never seen self confidence the way I saw it that day nor never witness such beautiful support from all of the women there.

I left the shoot feeling alive and wanting more and I wasn't the only one who was feeling that way. That's when it occurred to me to that I couldn't just be doing this once a year, I needed more. And more women should feel the way all the women felt that day.

I teamed up with two close friends, Madeline who is the set stylists, and Allie who is the wardrobe stylist and together we created something we believe every women should experience. Say hello to Bisou Session- a boutique boudoir experience for the women who wants to treat herself. Simply click here to learn more about it. 

Wanna book a session? Email us at kiss@bisousessions.com 

Below are images from our shoot in January. XOX

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made this happen; 

Website: The Bananaland 
Makeup: Larissa Lake
Hair: Elizabeth Allen 
Set Styling: Oh My Gemini 
Wardrobe Styling: Little Red's Well 
Bisou banner: The Bannerie
Confetti: The Confetti Bar