Page & Peter- their the kind of couple you want to constantly surround yourself with. Their hearts are made of pure gold and there is something about them that makes you so grateful for your life. You would honestly never hear one negative word come out of their mouths. 

We captured Page & Peter's engagement session in Fall 2014- the 4 of us instantly clicked. The connection the four of us had was something similar to hanging out with old friends you haven't seen in years. I'm kind of convinced that Page and I were sister's many lifetimes ago. Throughout the year we all got together for cocktails, a laid back dinner or house tours. In fact we rang in the New Year together- all of us so excited for 2015 knowing it would be a great year. And man, it was. The year they got married and the year Angelo asked me to be his wife.

Their wedding is our definition of a dream wedding. As we were heading over to Page's parents house I had butterflies. Not nervous butterflies, the kind of butterflies you get for someone you really care about. I was so nervously excited for Page! I knew all the feels she was feeling that day because we've been talking about it non-stop over the course of months. Both of their families welcomed us into their homes with open arms. Page and Peter were sooooo laid back on their wedding day. They just did their thing without even worrying about us and we did our thing and captured it all. And that's what we love as photographers- candid real moments. That's how their whole wedding was.

I can write a novel on these two so I am going to stop myself now and get to the fun part- pictures! 

DRESS: Paloma Blanca from Mariella Creations
FLOWERS: Stylish Blooms
Hair & Makeup: Hair Gallery at the Mill
Cake: A Little Something Bakery