I woke up this morning to a warm kiss on my cheek and a whisper in my ear, "One year ago today you said yes." Wow. Yup. One year ago today Angelo got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. A moment I will truly never ever forget. Everything in my world paused. It was so silent. I felt weightless. It was only him and I at that particular moment and for the following 3 days. When it happened I was nervous laughing the whole entire time with tears steaming down my face along with me waving my hands in front my face saying "No, no, no no no!" I do that when I'm nervous and so in shock. OOPS! No, but he knew from the moment he met me that I wanted to marry him.

Our first in person interaction I knew that he was going to be my husband even though he completely ignored me. I just knew it! Our relationship started on Facebook HA! And then finally a year later I asked him out on a date. YUP! We went and saw the first Hangover which was the best first date movie everrrrrr. We laughed non-stop. 

Our first kiss was to Lil Wayne.
My necklace broke on our second date and he kept the heart locket and he still has it. I didn't know he did that until 2 years later.
Also on our second date I saw a shooting star and wished for him.
He was scared to kiss me because my father was a private investigator for the state of CT. No pressure Ang!
What has kept our relationship so strong is family. Both of our parents are truly the best people in the whole wide world and made us both feel so special as individuals.

Every day we talk about how excited we are for this life together. It really is exciting! We're both working so hard for our little family. We have the same dreams & interest.

90% of the time I want kill but the other 10% I love him so much I really can't hand it. Numbers are exaggerated of course. ;)

We are really awesome at planning weddings...... LOL no! We haven't even started and it's been a year. Whoops! Our plan to to tackle the wedding planning during our trip to CA.

I am the luckiest to have him by my side, our love is truly crazy love.

7 months later we celebrated our engagement with close friends & family. Another incredible day we will never forget.

Proposal: images by: Christine Bartolucci Photography
Engagement images by: L'Amour Fou & guests :)
Hand crafted cocktials by: The Cup Bearer
Pizza: Fired Up Pizza Truck