To say I went through a box of tissues while editing these images may sound like a lie, but it is the darn truth. This lovely lady here, Maddie, has been my best friend and pen pal since we were 7 years old. To see her this happy and loved by a man who is so sweet, I just couldn't hold the happy tears in.

In a weird, cool way we have been on the same life path; she met Robert a month before I met Angelo, Angelo proposed to me a few months before Robert proposed to Maddie, they bought a house a year after us and their wedding is exactly 2 months after ours next year. It's always comforting to have a friends support while going through new life chapters, especially one who is going through similar chapters as you. 

Cannot wait to share their full session this winter, but for now, a little taste of their session in the Tennessee mountains. 

So much love for you both!